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Awaken Your Senses in Peru



Meet The Team

Born deep in the Peruvian jungle near the town of Tocache, San Martin, Peru, and currently living in the US, Will Perez holds degrees in Computer Sciences (Peru) and Government & Foreign Affairs (from Walsh University in North Canton, OH). He has worked extensively as a consultant for Hispanic-Latino affairs in the US and Latin America. He is the author of a number of research papers and reports on the many issues affecting the Hispanic community in the U.S.

In 2014, while working as the Executive Director for the Latino Business League, Inc., he was named Citizen of the Year for Outstanding Community Service in Crime Prevention for his work with the Canton, OH, police department—then Ohio Gov. John Kasich, and others official joined in recognizing his efforts.

Through it all, Will has always had a passion for travel and community service. This passion started when, as a teenager in Peru, he worked as the head interpreter and tour guide for medical mission teams, US army, business tourists, and researchers. For over 15 years, on and off, Will traveled all over Peru and parts of South America—learning to value, love and share with others the natural, historical and cultural beauty of Peru.

In 2016, this love for Peru lead him to incorporate Mama Pacha Explorations, LTD. with two key objectives in mind: (1) Offer tours of Peru that are carefully and thoughtfully designed to maximize affordability and enjoyment; (2) and partner with organizations, businesses, and people, in the US and Peru, who are committed to community service, environmental friendliness, and sustainable development. This as a conscientious effort to give back to the communities where Mama Pacha Explorations was to operate its tours.

So if you have a passion for travel and sustainable tourism, please join Will and the team at Mama Pacha Explorations on our next adventure to Peru.


Will Perez

Warren has been working as a tour guide in his native Peru for over 15 years. He currently owns and manages Tarapoto Explorations, a tour company headquartered in the beautiful city of Tarapoto—located in northeastern Peru. Warren, and his company, are committed to sustainable tourism and local development.

Whether working as an interpreter, tour guide, birding guide, natural life photographer, and teacher in the Peruvian Jungle, as well as in the Peruvian Andes, Warren's passion for travel and love for Peruvian culture and nature are key aspects of his work. 

It's that passion and love for Peru that Warren brings to the table as a partner of Mama Pacha Explorations. 


Warren Perez

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